Pitchit is an exciting new dating app.
Meet Tim. He’s a thrill seeker and has just pitched a skydiving date to the app. Like what you see? Don’t go anywhere…


Pitchit makes it easier for people with common interests to connect. Do you have a great date idea? This is your chance to customise your perfect date. Forget endless, tedious, online conversations, if you want to get out and about you need to Pitchit!

Dating site for people with fetishes

Whether anal sex, oral sex, fetishes or group sex, everything is possible with us. And nothing stands in the way of your date and sex meeting meet and hookup. Because that’s what makes it all. The frivolous side is shown immediately, fetishes and inclinations are lived out and the whip or handcuffs are taken straight from the closet. Whatever your body longs for – bondage, role play or lacquer and leather … this is only a small excerpt and your possibilities of finding a partner for it are endless. Don’t mince your words and tell your sex contact very clearly what you are taking and what you are giving. There are usually two options for a date or sex meeting: one-time fun or long-running. If you like it wild and unique without meeting another time, discrete one-night stands are just the thing for you. A one-time date or sex meeting is particularly popular with singles and those who have been assigned because they can get to sex so easily and directly. After a few months of rest or lull in bed, many can use a quick night out. Why not, after all, you only live once. You can find the best contacts for such dates and sex meetings on poppen.

That’s right, we’re a dating app that’s all about going on dates.

Fancy dating someone who supports your footie team? Looking for someone to dance the night away with? Or are you more of the red wine and dog walks type? Whatever your thing is; from pizza, to skydiving, we’ve got you. Pitchit is all about finding someone who loves to do what you love to do… whatever ‘it’ is.

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with Pitchit!

Check the home feed for all the dates being pitched.

Customise and Pitch your own date. Anyone up for some Wine Tasting?

Filter your home feed with categories that you are interested.

Shortlist the candidates that liked your date and have a chat with them.

Once you have been selected for a date, you’re ready to meet – let the fun begin!

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